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Caving and landscape photography


You don't make a photograph just with your camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.

Ansel Adams



Photos from caving visits (France, Switzerland, Romania)

Photos from the Alps (Switzerland and France)

GoPro movies shot in caving trips (France, Switzerland, Romania)

GoPro and DJI movies shot in outdoors trips and hikes (France, Switzerland, Romania).

These are some of my favorite movie scenes.

Some blog entries, thoughts and opinions (English and Romanian)

A page about following some historic journeys by famous people in Switzerland.

My Instagram feed.


Opinions are like arseholes. As in everybody has one!

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    The future of Education in Scouting 2

    The Future Depending on the background, interest and focus of the person making the presentation, the future will either be characterised by the progress in biotechnology and genetic manipulations, AI, space colonies, ecological disaster, quantum computing, a global integrated culture, virtual reality, or simply doom and brimstone!  In the sam...
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    The Future of Education in Scouting 1

    A few general reflections and four points for consideration Primum non nocere – or how to avoid brain damage in Scouting! When I say brain damage, what do you think of? Possibly someone who took a fall without a helmet, or someone subjected to some James Bond villain-like electrode-prodding torture machine. In any case, the...
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    Learning Planet

    I was recently invited to a meeting called “Learning Planet Assembly” –  a sort of assembly of various – and I mean REALLY various – stakeholders in the business of advancing SDGs-based education. The announced goal of the meeting was  “The launching event for a revolutionary, open-source approach to SDG-focused curricul...